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Our Honeysuckle Jasmine Beautiful White 12oz Luxurious Soy candle, a delightful fusion of nature's most enchanting aromas. This exquisite candle offers a harmonious symphony of fragrance notes that will transport you to a garden in full bloom.

Top Notes: The journey begins with a burst of zesty Lemon, invigorating your senses with its citrusy brilliance. Accompanied by the subtle warmth of Ginger, this top note combination creates an uplifting and refreshing opening that instantly brightens any space.

Middle Notes: As the flame dances and the wax melts, you'll be greeted by the heart of this candle, where the true magic unfolds. Jasmine and Honeysuckle intertwine gracefully, filling the air with their floral allure. The sensual and sweet essence of Honeysuckle is perfectly complemented by the heady, exotic bouquet of Jasmine, creating a fragrant masterpiece that is both romantic and captivating.

Base Notes: A complex and grounding blend of Violet, Powder, Wood, and Amyris.


Made in United States


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Sweet Floral Allure | Luxurious Apothecary Candle

  •  Farry Boutique’s mission is to bring beauty and positive energy to spaces through scent, using the finest ingredients! Our candles are apothecary style, hand crafted in small batches using only pure soy wax, phthalate free fine fragrance oils and natural cotton wicks for a clean, fragrant, and long lasting burn.

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