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Enjoy Farry Boutique’s Freshly Baked delightful aroma of sugar cookies with hints of vanilla and butter.


These are pillar candles so they should always be burned on a plate because they can drip. Burn within sight. Keep away from children, pets and things that catch fire. Trim wick to 1/4 inch before lighting. The top of the candle will burn faster than a normal candle due to being mixed with air to create the frosting look. Total burn time is estimated 10 hours. It can vary if it is burning in a room with a draft. 


Candles are individually priced.


Each cupcake is scented to match how it is decorated.

Made in Nashville, Tennessee

Weight: 5oz


Final Sale On All Beauty And Wellness Products.

Freshly Baked | Sugar Cookie Cupcake Candle

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